Monday, 26 February 2018

I've returned!  After a couple of delightful weeks visiting family in Calgary, vacationing in Mexico and recovering from the flu in Saskatoon :) I have returned to ministry at St. Martin's.  While I was away I followed the trial of Gerald Stanley with many mixed emotions.  I identified with Mr. Stanley's fear in the face of potential intruders.  I grieved for the Bushie family whose experience of systemic racism seemed to be confirmed in the trial.  And I wrestled with how Jesus might speak into this tragedy, asking myself "what is a Christian's response" to these events.  I concluded I could not speak for all Christians, but reflected on my understanding of scripture to help me put those events into perspective.  The result was the sermon I offered this past Sunday.  This was a complex situation with many competing perspectives but I concluded that we need to continue to scrutinize our own lives and actions for remnants of racism and re-affirm Jesus insistence that the essence of life is about loving people and not protecting our stuff.  I would appreciate your thoughts on how your Christianity informs your views on the Stanley trial and the ongoing realities.  Please take a few moments to share your thoughts.