Monday, 2 October 2017

Power tempered by humility

Thanks to those who are beginning to post.  It is still my hope that this blog could be one of lively dialogue.

In preparing the sermon for Oct. 1st, the word 'humility' stood out for me.  As an introvert I have always found it easier to relate to someone who exhibited reasonable humility.  It feels easier to come alongside such a person.  It can seem more difficult to dialogue with someone who is boldly claiming their accomplishments.  If you've had a chance to watch the sermon you will know that humility soon led me to think about power and how we use it.  Power is neutral - it can be used for empowerment of the self, empowerment of another or, unfortunately, as 'power-over' others.  There are too many examples of people misusing power so that they have 'power-over' others.  

If we are not aware of the ways in which we possess power, we might inadvertently exercise power-over others.  This is where I think humility comes into play.  By advocating for humility God is inviting us to manage our personal power so that it does not become power over others.  Can you identify ways in which you have personal power?  What do you think about humility?  What are the strengths of being humble and are there potential pitfalls to being humble?

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