Sunday, 5 November 2017

Vision and Investment

Even though I believe that no one in the church should apologize for speaking about money (after all every dimension of our lives involves saving, managing and spending money), the Annual Stewardship Sermon always seems a little uncomfortable for the preacher.  This year it occurred to me that money and vision are inextricably tied together.  If we have a vision for our community of faith it will invariably involve money whether that's to welcome a refugee, heat the building or employ the custodian.  Yet, giving money without a vision is not very exciting.  I invite you to use this blog to name some of the visions/hopes you have for our community of faith.  In what should St. Martin's being investing itself?  Where does the gospel story, our personal passions and the interests of the culture intersect?  That is where our focus should be.  I look forward to your ideas.  

PS - in a recent workshop I was introduced to the idea of saying "thanks" for one's financial commitment.  As one of the most public figures for our congregation I decided to express personal appreciation to everyone who exited the church today for their financial commitments.  It was fun and felt good to say thanks ...  if you weren't in church on Sunday then, "Thank you for every way in which you support St. Martin's United Church!"  


  1. Thanks for another opportunity to consider my investment in the life and work of the church. When it comes to a vision for my faith community, I have to say I am so pleased that the diversity within the church family is growing. It is one of those elements that "actually" fills my soul when I attend because it increasingly represents the whole of humanity ... not quite, but we are inching our way there. My involvement with the Affirming Action Committee and the work thereof, does this also. It's funny when those "soulful" moments come to us ... for me, it is when I am contributing in some fashion ... and when I feel heard and my thoughts/feelings are validated.

    I've had an idea in my head that needs exploring & a gentle nudge would put me into action (connecting to or volunteering at White Buffalo Youth Lodge). Perhaps there are more of us who have an idea that needs a nudge ... I'm sure there are!! Ok, now I've talked myself into action because I'm make my idea public. I commit to talking to Keith about the idea in the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for listening. Dorothy Griffith

  2. Thanks for your reflection and for your very honest conversation with yourself. It is amazing how engaging in care and dialogue with others nurtures the soul. Blessings!