Monday, 4 December 2017

Yesterday was the second Sunday in which we examined characters from the Christmas story.  It seemed early in the season to be speaking about Mary, but since the focus was on hectic lives Mary stood out as one whose life must have surely been hectic.  Her strong commitment to align herself with God's way gave some insight for our own hectic lives. First was her attitude, which was to see the blessing amidst the busyness.  Attitude can certainly shape life's experience.  It is interesting to note that the Buddha observed that one source of suffering was an endless longing for things to be different.  If we can accept reality but shape our attitude to bring hope out of chaos than we will have transformed the chaos.  The other perspective I discerned was the need to have purpose in life.  Too often we drift through life.  Even the busiest of people can simply be caught up in the flow without being intentional about their choices and activities.  Being clear about one's purpose may be another way to bring order to hectic lives.  I suggested that Jesus had defined a broad purpose - namely to love God, neighbour and self.  While I think this maxim is foundational for Christians, we still have to discern how to implement it in our specific life situations.  I am curious to know if you find life hectic ... and more so at this time of year.  What are your strategies for surviving?  How do you shape your attitude?  Do you have a clear sense of purpose in your life that guides you?  I'd love to hear your response.


  1. It is easy to kind of get dragged along by life. Many of us put one foot in front of the other and do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, it is often crisis or tragedy that forces us to stop and examine our lives in a different way and to reflect on what makes meaning in our lives. For me - it hasn't been crisis but rather the spiritual discipline of going to church that has gradually assisted me in having this conversation with myself on a fairly regular basis. Faith is grounding for me but also a launching point for intentional action. I think this may be true for many folks without really realizing it or being able to name it as such. Bette Brazier

  2. I agree with you Bette. Church attendance is one of my spiritual disciplines and I aim to be regular as with my physical exercise. Both require my intention. When I exercise spiritually I am better able to keep my focus on love, justice and compassion rather than simply on my own wants or worries.