Monday, 9 April 2018

In the Christian community this season takes us further into the Easter and post-Easter experience.  This week Thomas was the gospel focus including his declaration that he wouldn't believe unless he personally saw Jesus' wounds.  When he does see and subsequently commits himself to the Christian way Jesus is said to observe:  "You believe because you see, blessed are those who believe but do not see."  As you will view or read in my message, this made me think about vocation.  How do we let the Christian story so permeate our lives that it informs our world view and our life in the world?  It makes me wonder how it works for those reading this blog.  In what way does faith inform your everyday thoughts, actions and relationships.  If some of you were willing to share, I would be interested in reading.

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  1. Ah, doubting Thomas...a kindred spirit for me. I struggle with what does faith mean, do I have faith?? One definition from the Haven...”the felt sense of the assurance of the continuity of life leading to satisfaction with past & present and a diminished fear of both life and death; resulting in personal growth in strength and presence”. An inspiring ideal but one that often seems completely unattainable for me. In the face of ecological disasters and threats, it seems an unrealistic assurance. And there are times when I do have a glimpse of continuity, of something much larger than me that will continue on after I am gone.
    In terms of vocation; that is hard to answer. I carried much idealism and a sense of fairness and social justice from my childhood, much of it formed through church life and the Observer, into my chosen career and into my life. And life presents many challenges to idealism leading to disillusionment at times, including with the church and religion. Eventually I ended up back at church in search of community but also support and renewal in the values I wanted to carry into my life, to help me stay anchored in them in the face of the many challenges to them that life in the world brings. Im not sure where those values started, but my early experience in church fanned the flames of them as did other experiences in my life, including the work I do now and the organization for whom I work. ...a kind of continuous renewing circle.
    Brenda Goossen