Wednesday, 20 September 2017

An invitation to dialogue

Welcome to Brian's blog.  As many of you know I have accepted the wonderful opportunity to return to parish life at St. Martin's Church in Saskatoon.  I first had an opportunity to participate in the St. Martin's ministry team from 1989 to 2004.  I have now been invited back for one year while the congregation searches for a new worship leader.  Many things have changed in the intervening years, one of which is the possibility for communication.  Through this blog I hope to engage those within and outside of the church as we explore the spiritual life.  I will provide occasional posts about my views on life; point to resources that might aid you on your spiritual journey; and invite feed back to sermons I preach (which can be found on the St. Martin's website at:

I hope you, the readers, will contribute ideas, ask questions and tell stories so that this can be a lively and interactive blog.  In last week's sermon (Sept. 17th) I explored the stories we tell ourselves. Thinking of the Israelite's escape from Egypt I was reminded of how readily negative stories come to mind when we are under duress.  I subsequently learned that humans focus on negative stories because in our evolutionary history being prepared for the worst was actually an asset.  Modern life is not as immanently threatening for most of us (no saber tooth tigers around the corner); yet  a focus on negative stories is still common and reinforce self defeating attitudes.  Just as the Israelites gradually changed their identity from slaves to the chosen ones, so too we are invited to shift our focus to occasions when we have met life's challenges with resilience.  The more we remember our accomplishments the more likely we are to quiet negative stories.  I wonder if any of you have experiences to share about quieting negative stories and growing stories of strength, faith and relationship?

Earlier this week I was interviewed on the Voice of America radio channel about my perspectives on death and the learning I gleaned from working among the hospitalized.  If you are interested in the podcast you can find the interview at: for Sept. 18th.

I look forward to our conversations.

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  1. Welcome back to St. Martin's, Brian. We are thrilled to have you back. I think this is a wonderful idea to encourage conversation and to delve deeper into our spirituality.