Monday, 25 September 2017

Well it's Monday morning and Sunday has just passed.  If you were here for worship you'll know that the scripture was challenging.  I used an opening power point slide entitled "counter culture" because Jesus so often turns the world upside down.  It is hard to be a Christ-follower in the 21st century.  Jesus' emphasis on love and justice seems to run counter to the prevailing message of the culture.  The culture advocates forward progress, often defined as 'climbing the ladder' or 'growing the bank account', whereas Jesus seems unconcerned about those things.  He emphasizes community over personal gain and in so many ways challenges us to 'love our neighbour.'  I need a lot of support when it comes to loving my neighbour.  I am happy to donate a little money, maybe even write a protest letter to government, but to have the best interest of my neighbour/stranger at heart takes effort.  Perhaps that is why we have church.  If we aspire to the goal of loving neighbour we need the encouragement of a community who is striving toward the same goals.  I guess that's what keeps me involved in the life of the church - to find support to live the life of love.  Do you aspire to live a 'gospel life'?  If you do - who encourages you?  What supports you?  I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. The reading was certainly one of those "squirm in your seat" ones. But it's good to be challenged. I used to wonder why the employer didn't pay the last worker $10 and then give him $40 as a gift. That would have made the one who worked all day happier. But now I realize Jesus wasn't about making those of us who have opportunities happier. He was about treating all people, and especially those who are struggling, with dignity and respect. Something I know I need to work on.

  2. As I have recently moved into a condo which are mainly seniors with some mobility and other minor health problems I find that helping them gives me the satisfaction in the same way a financial contribution would do.It takes a minimum of time and there appreciation is felt more than I can say in a few words.This is my take on this sermon with my own twist to it.